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Free Crochet Patterns & Newsletter Landing Page

Welcome to our Freebie Landing Page. It's been a pleasure designing many free crochet patterns throughout the years for everyone to enjoy.

Free Patterns

You'll find a range of designs from:
  • Thread to yarn
  • Valentines to Christmas
  • Bookmarks to doilies

I hope you enjoy crocheting the project or projects you select and they provide many hours of crochet enjoyment resulting in lovely items for you, your family, or friends and neighbors. Nothing says I love you like a homemade stitched gift.

Please remember our free patterns are a courtesy of Crochet Memories and without the support of our paying customers, none of these patterns would be made available. To continue enjoying your love of crochet I ask that you help support the industry and from time to time, purchase a pattern you admire. Over all, the cost is minimal in comparison to the products and services used to even see the free patterns on the internet.

For more free patterns, don't forget to check out our Blog!.

Send your photos! We love showcasing your work for everyone to admire! Use our business email to send your pictures today!

Free Newsletter

You'll find:
  • Our newest free pattern
  • Top sellers
  • Recipes
  • Puzzles
  • Our newest patterns
  • Interactive fun

Crochet Information

Crochet is an art form that not only provides lovely items for your home or for yourself, it's a way to relieve tension and keep your mind active. If you're relatively new to crochet, we've provided lots of information that will guide you through the world of crochet and from novice to experienced. We have information that ranges from:
  • Basic "how-to's"
  • What is the proper way to hold your hook
  • Stitch definitions
  • Crochet charts
  • How to finish off
  • Starching and sculpting
  • How to care for your finished project
  • Tips and hints!
  • And even more info...

Crochet Poem

“Oh Dear & My-Oh-My!”

The patterns that I find here are totally out of sight
I always seem to find one, that’s perfect and so-right
I’ve been here many times, and thought I’d seen them all
But I just found a treasure trove. Catch me if I fall
I’ve been very happy with the patterns I find to buy
That I’ve not seen the entire site, Oh Dear & My-Oh-My
You may think me a silly girl, or how dumb can someone get
For I just found ‘Free Patterns’, so I haven’t seen them all yet
Such generosity, with so many Freebies in one place
Finding it, without a doubt, has put a smile upon my face.

Written by: Lindy Hicks for
Copyright February 7, 2013; all rights reserved

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