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 Afghans & Throws
 Pillows & Bolsters
 Thread Angels
 Yarn Angels
 Gift Bags & Purses
 Hanger Covers
 Totes & Bags
 Baby  Baskets
 Decorative Fans
 Decorative Hats
 Bath Bath Patterns Sub-Categories
      Bath - General
      Country Elegance Set
      Lacy Shell Set
      Victorian Heart Bath Set
      Slanted Shell Bath Set
      Victorian Pineapple Set
      Holiday Bath

 Kitchen Kitchen Patterns Sub-Categories
      Kitchen - General
      Broom Covers
      Dishsoap Aprons
      Potholder & Hotpads
      Teapot & Teacups
      Toaster Covers
      Towel Toppers
      Wine Holders

 Dining Room Dining Patterns Sub-Categories
     Casserole Covers
     Napkin Rings
 Birdhouse - Birdcages  Children's Bookmarks
 Feminine Bookmarks
 Holiday Bookmarks
 Religious Bookmarks
 Bridal Decor
 Bridal Accessories
 Craft Patterns  Crinolines
 Birthday Crinolines
 Crinoline Circle Doilies
 Holiday Crinolines
 Miniature Crinolines
 Special Occasion Crinolines
 Crinoline Runners
 Custom Patterns
 Special Occasion
 Doilies Doily Patterns Sub-Categories
     Doilies - General
     Crinoline Circle Doilies
     Filet Doilies
     Floral Doilies
     Holiday Doilies
     Motif Doilies
     Pineapple Doilies
     Pinwheel Doilies
     Ruffled Doilies
     Seasonal Doilies
     Vintage Doilies

 Table Toppers
 Gardening  Valentines
 St. Patrick's Day
 4th of July

 Christmas Christmas Patterns Sub-Categories
     Christmas - General
     Thread Angels
     Yarn Angels
     Tree Skirts

 Bowls & Boxes
 Candle Holders
 Mantel Scarves
 Misc. Home Decor
 Wreaths & Swags
 Pets  Runners & Scarves  Filet
 Spider Web
 Betty Stevens
 Barbara Major
 Marta Nelson
 Other Designers
 Crochet Booklets/Packs

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 Crochet Hook Info
 Crochet Thread Info
 Basic Crochet Info
 More Basic Crochet Info
 Basic Crochet Chart
 Advanced Crochet Chart
 Crochet Tips & Hints
 Crochet Conversions
 Crochet Shaping Info
 Crochet Blocking Info
 About Stiffeners
 Care Instructions
 Crochet in Languages
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