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Crochet Memories Online Newsletter

Happy Easter! Regardless if you celebrate Easter or not, I hope you each have a wonderful weekend filled with the good things of life. Our Easter celebrations are quite small these days. We usually spend the day with our daughter and her family while placing calls to parents.

I try to shake things up and over the past few weeks, I've been re-energized with "blogging!" As you read the newsletter, be sure to read to the end to find out more. It has taken a great deal of my time which is why I only have two new designs, but the good news is this newsletter is loaded with free patterns, recipes, and other fun and interesting things. They'll include: Well I don't want you to keep you waiting, use our jump to menu below!

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Easter Basket Doily Easter Basket Doily
Item #0775

Six lovely crochet baskets are worked with dainty three-dimensional butterflies between that encircle a delicate rose doily center. Bright flowers spill out of the basket tops creating a masterpiece! Worked in size 10 thread, measures 15 1/4-in dia.

More Info... Intermediate

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Princess Carousel Tea Set Princess Carousel Tea Set
Item #0776

Our delightful crochet spring tea set is perfect for a princess! Whether you have tea with your daughter, granddaughter or simply work up this set for Easter or spring, it'll delight everyone. Worked in pink and yellow with interlocking chain spaces and petite scallops! Uses Peaches & Crème .

More Info... Intermediate

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Behind the Hooks & Chains!

Behind the Hooks Chains Easter Basket Doily: This was truly a fun doily to create, but it's not quite how I envisioned it. When I first thought up the idea I saw the baskets with their handles toward the center; with handles interlocking each other. But when I settled on the size of the baskets, it just wasn't working out. There was too much space between the basket bottoms and not a clear idea how to fill the void between. I periodically set the piece aside, even for a day or two to get a better idea of how to proceed. Finally it hit me - turn the baskets so the handles were to the outside. If you purchase this pattern I truly hope you enjoy working it up for Easter, Mother's Day, or just for spring itself!

Princess Carousel Tea Set: I love interlocking chains. In fact, it's how I designed one of my earlier free patterns; the Autumn Impressions Granny Square. While trying to interpret the pattern, the idea is really simple. You simply pull the chain length from the round before, up and through the chain length from the previous round. Continue in like fashion working up to the top or the outer edge and you have a nice interlocking chain that's not only fun to create, but provides an interesting texture and design. To be honest, the teapot didn't take nearly the time it did for the placemat. Simplify, simplify, simplify...

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Best Buys for February & March!

Hummingbird Garden Doily Hummingbird Garden Doily
Item #0774

Crochet a mystical garden where a large three-dimensional rose sets center stage for hummingbirds and flowering vines! Pineapples, shells, and color burst forth in this spring/Easter doily that'll bring a breath of fresh air to your home. Worked in size 10 thread, measures 17-in W x 8 3/4-in H.

More Info... Intermediate

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Sharin' the Green Shamrock Coaster Sharin' the Green Shamrock Coaster
Item #0290

Everyone loves shamrocks for St. Paddy's and we have one lucky crochet shamrock coaster that'll work up beautifully and quickly. Made in worsted weight yarn, it measures approx. 4" W x 5 1/2" T.

More Info... Intermediate

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Fuller Brush

Ding dong - I have to tell you a little funny. We signed up with AARP a few years back for their life insurance plans. It wasn't long before we discovered a better plan through another company for our needs. So we cancelled the policies. But, we continued to receive tons of mail from AARP to sign up for their term life insurance. Fed up, I started writing on the envelope; "return to sender."

Well it seemed that sending back their junk mail didn't deter the onslaught. In fact, it seemed we received more mail than ever! I finally got tired and wrote on the envelope; "return to sender." On the back I wrote: "Wife no longer a current resident; ran off with the Fuller Brush Man." Both hubby and I got a chuckle out of my "mail temper tantrum."

But seriously, if you haven't checked out Fuller Brush lately, your in for a surprise. Don't forget to check out with Mary Blake, your representative!

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Customer Photo Gallery!

I just love to showcase customer photos! If you have pictures of items made from our patterns, please share! We're all anxious to see them.

Thank you FloraEaster Crinoline Girl Doily by Flora

Hummingbird Garden DoilyHummingbird Garden Doily by Michelle

Hummingbird Garden DoilyHummingbird Garden Doily by Jewel

Easter Basket DoilyEaster Basket Doily by Jewel

Easter Basket DoilyEaster Basket Doily by Jewel

Butterfly Garden DoilyButterfly Garden Doily by Jewel

Flora writes: "This was actually the first of the ladies that I did. I've been trying to get pictures as I change them each month to fill in the gaps. I still have 2 to make (June and August? I think) to have one for each month. They go in a shadow box by my front door."

Michelle writes: "The flower in the middle is hand painted, something new I've been messing around with. The smaller one on the left is hand painted also."

Jan E. writes: "Dear Cylinda, last year I ordered your Pineapple Cascade Angel, and you kindly advised me on stiffening methods. All three angels were a success and much appreciated by their new ‘owners’. One adorned a church Christmas tree, the second went to a lady who works at the ‘Angel Hotel’ in the nearby market town of Market Harborough. The third was a Christmas present for my daughter-in-law, and was promptly installed on top of her Christmas tree.

"I have just sent for three doily patterns, something I haven’t made for years, and I think they will present me with a fresh and welcome challenge. As a child my mother taught me to embroider and many of her favourite motifs were of crinoline ladies and flowers, so I am looking to making some of your lovely crinoline doilies.

"My inability to come to terms with modern technology is a standing joke in the family (I am 72 years old, and that’s my excuse!) but find it so easy to download your patterns, and must confess I get a thrill as I’ve done it ‘on my own’ without an exasperated ‘expert’ showing me how!! I have found a supplier based in UK where I can order the thread needed for the doilies (Hummingbird Garden, Hearts’n flowers and Rose Garden Crinoline). Sadly, craft stores are few and far between in England.

"I am looking forward to trying my new patterns within the next few weeks, and will let you know how they turn out. Best wishes for Easter."

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Free Patterns!

Free Patterns for April:

Free Patterns With a little time and a bit of determination, you'll have to time to make up several of these Easter projects in time for your Easter celebration. But don't delay, pick up your hooks and crochet!

  • Bunny Door Knob Cover
  • Easter Bunny Fridgie
  • Lace Egg Basket
  • Filet Cross Easter Egg Cover
  • Easter Candy Basket

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    Recipes From time to time it's fun to create recipes from ideas I have, but more likely than not, to use the ingredients I have on hand before they waste. Click through for the recipes and in some instances, the funny stories connected!

    Recipes for April

  • Gorgonzola and Bacon Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
  • Orange Pecan French Toast
  • Tuna Cakes with Ginger Dressing and Cantaloupe Salsa

  • Don't let the last one fool you; the title is Substitutions and Omissions. You'll see why after you read it!

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    Pattern Stitches Practice

    Practice Makes Perfect It's time to grab your hooks and practice up on basic to intermediate to advanced crochet stitches. Even if you know these stitches like the back of your hands - what's to lose; crochet fun?

  • The Diagonal Stitch
  • The Cluster
  • The Shell

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    The Home Front

    There's nothing like watching Little League. The players are learning the game and while you find some of the kids off in the "ozone" others are more intent on the game; each learning the rules as time goes by. A couple of Saturdays ago we got to watch our grandson, Nick, play both in outfield and later, as pitcher. Of course he's great - can't you just tell by the pictures! I know, I'm partial but that's what grandmothers are best at. *wink*

    Click here for adorable pictures of my grandson! :-)

    Okay, okay, so I go a little goofy when it comes to the little ones in my life I love so much! But if boys, grandsons, or children are not your "thang" I've got some pictures that are bound to rock your world!

    I'm a bird lover. Always have been and until my last cockatiel passed, I've always had a bird in the house. But hey, I'm getting old and no longer want the responsibility and upkeep of a caged pet. But I do have the next best thing! We have hummingbirds! So it was with fanfare and excitement to discover, right outside my kitchen window, a hummingbird nest... Click here to read the rest and see a picture of our very own hummingbird...buzzzzzzzzzz!

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    The Spiritual Side

    Did Orion really have pants on? Experience the Divine smack dab in the middle of the daily busy blur. But here's my "sudden glory moment" you'll find entertaining and sort of fun! Click here for more!

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