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Crochet Memories Online Newsletter

Christmas Special *Grunt* *Gasp* *GRRRRR!* Yep, you know you're fighting with Christmas decorations when you have the "Three Big G's - grunt, gasp and grrrr." The longer you're married, quite often it means the older the decorations! We've had some of ours so long they can be counted as fire hazards more than Christmas decorations.

After trying to string an 18-year old garland on the banister, and fighting with the cheap plastic banister hooks I actually ordered online, I ended up smacking one of the lights into the banister. And it wasn't so much of a smacking as clinking, but enough with brittle lights the thing exploded on me. I found glass on the carpet, on the landing, and even in the breakfast area. I'm just glad my face wasn't closer to my work... Ha!

I'm sure many can relate. It's not just the garlands and lights either, I think in some respects, it's age. No not the decorations per say but the "decorators!" It just seemed like it was a lot more work this year. But in all seriousness, I love Christmas and the lights and decorations just make me happy. But Christmas goes beyond lights and trees, gifts and food, it's about Jesus' birth. It's the reason we celebrate!

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Christmas SpecialNeed to do your Christmas shopping? You’ve come to the right Place, the Ultimate Mall!

It’s Never to early to do your Christmas shopping and many shops will be having specials to make your shopping even better!

The dates you ask? September 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014. How convenient is that!

Mark your calendars, get set; let's shop!

   Christmas in Pineapples - Electronic Download
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Merry Christmas Banner Merry Christmas Banner
Item #0804

Work up our fun and cute Christmas banner that says; "Merry Christmas." Crocheted letters are placed on a triangular flags to create a banner for your holiday fun! Worked in worsted weight yarn each flag measures 3-in L x 3 1/2-in W.

More Info... Easy

Jingles the Misfit Elf Jingles, the Misfit Elf
Item #0805

Oh no, it looks like our cute crochet elf fell into the tree! Jingles, the Misfit Elf certainly is living up to his name. With cute striped pants, elf shoes complete with jingle bells, everyone will laugh over his folly! Worked in WW yarn he measures 14-in T.

More Info... Intermediate

Ms Frosty Door Hanger Ms Frosty Door Hanger
Item #0806

Miss Frosty is adorable hanging from a doorknob or coat tree. Holding a pretty snowflake and embellished with a matching scarf and big black buttons, she's sure to become a favorite in your household this year. Worked in WW yarn she measures 20-in L.

More Info... Intermediate

Winter Lace Christmas Doily Winter Lace Winter Doily
Item #0807

Work up a beautiful crochet winter doily to enjoy all season long. Accented in reds and greens with lots of texture and elements that will dazzle the eye and spark your creativity. Worked in 100% cotton thread, it measures 12 3/4-in dia.

More Info... Experienced

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Behind the Hooks & Chains!

Behind the Hooks Chains Merry Christmas Banner: Simple and sweet. Easy to work and fun to hang up for the holidays be it on the mantel, the staircase, around the tree, or simply strung up on the wall to greet guests. I'm not sure where the idea came from, but I think of those orange triangle banners hung up along the outskirts of a car dealership - not really festive. I did start to design these with the idea of cross stitching the letters in place and then changed my mind to crochet letters that can be sewn or glued on. Your choice!

Jingles, the Misfit ElfI recently was skimming through an online catalog and came across an elf stuck in the Christmas tree. I couldn't help but envision one similar worked in crochet. To keep this little elf light so he won't weigh down the branches, he's stuffed with bubble wrap. Everyone will get a laugh and kick out of this little elf!

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Customer Photo Gallery!

I just love to showcase customer photos! If you have pictures of items made from our patterns, please share! We're all anxious to see them.

Merry Christmas Banner
Ms Frosty Door Hanger Gingerbread Man Christmas Stocking
All photos here are courtesy of Jewel F. Thank you for sharing great photos! :-)

To keep abreast of all new customer photos, like us on Facebook!

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Free Patterns!

Free Patterns:

Free Patterns

A little fun! These are new free patterns you can find on the blog right now!
  1. I keep your neck warm, I'm a tad bit "twisted", and I work up in about an hour...
  2. I'm Victorian in style, hung by the mantle - with care, and am on the petite side
  3. I'm petite, used as an ornament or pin, and I've earned my keep
No need to guess, just click over to the blog and find these patterns for your holiday fun!

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Recipes Check out the latest recipe added to the blog - an old recipe from an elderly lady whose daughter made English toffee. It's so good I couldn't help but share considering it's Christmas!

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My Hobbies!

Do you like jigsaw puzzles? Check out the latest Thomas Kinkade 1000 piece puzzle I put together - but honestly, it is a love-hate relationship!

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Can you decipher these common Christmas Carols?
  1. Happiness to the Global Ecosystem
  2. Small male percussionist
  3. I am experiencing nocturnal visions of a colorless holiday
  4. Festoon the Corridors
  5. A Non-summer fairytale area
  6. Oh holiday conifer
  7. Ten plus two twenty-four hour periods of holiday festivity
  8. Hey tiny city in Israel
  9. In a remote location in a barn stall
Click here for answers.

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