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Frosty Snowman Placemat Frosty Snowman Placemat
Item #0785

Brrrr! Its cold outside and our cute and whimsical yarn crochet placemat has a snowman trimmed in a top hat. With a fun flowing scarf secured in place with a jeweled brad, he also sports the well-known carrot nose! Pairs well with our Frosty Snowman Runner. Measures 13 1/2-in X 10 1/2-in H using WW yarn.

More Info... Easy

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Ladys Lacy Double Pineapple Hat Lady's Lacy Double Pineapple Hat
Item #0747

Wear a sophisticated stylishly chic crochet hat for spring and summer. Boasting a double row of petite pineapples that's sure to please whether you're at the beach or shopping. Design based on an idea by Lindy Hicks and a special thanks to our model; Erin Baayen. Worked in size 3 thread.

More Info... Intermediate

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Hoot-Hoot Cell Phone Holder Hoot-Hoot Cell Phone Holder
Item #0788

Hoot - hoot! Our cute cell phone holder boasts a pineapple owl that's stylish and fun. Two big eyes under a hooded flap and nose button will delight all. Worked in size 3 thread, it measures 5 3/4-in T x 2 5/8-in W

More Info... Experienced

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Surf N Turf Tote Surf 'N Turf Tote
Item #0786

Worked in post stitches our large rounded crochet tote is sturdy and roomy! Accented with two starfish and a thick draw, it'll hold everything you need for the beach or the park! Worked in WW yarn, it measures 7-in dia x 11-in T

More Info... Experienced

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Christmas Snowflake Tissue Cover Christmas Snowflake Tissue Cover
Item #0787

Work up a crochet Christmas snowflake winter wonderland! Our new tissue cover is worked in yarn with a thread lace cuff boasting pretty snowflake-like points. Worked in WW yarn and #10 thread, it fits a boutique style tissue box.

More Info... Intermediate

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Behind the Hooks & Chains!

Behind the Hooks Chains Surf 'N Turf Tote: Who doesn't love bags and totes anyway! Every Saturday with trying to sell our home, we're off with both dogs to the park for 3 hours. That means toting food, water for us, water for the dogs, dog treats, and either crochet or my Kindle which is on its last legs :-( Inspired by a rash of totes and bags seen recently, I decided to design one using post stitches. Now don't let these stitches scare you off. They are so incredibly fun! Instead of aiming the hook under the top two loops of the next st, just whip it around the post and finish off your double crochet in double time. I hope you like it.

Hoot-Hoot Cell Phone Holder: Okay, so owls are in and I mean really in! Looking at adorable pictures of owl totes, owl tea pots, owl purses, gloves, hats and more, I figured - it's time to design something "owl-ish!" I just love the size 3 thread in copper mist and thought this owl holder might make good use of such a pretty color and work up fast in the process. Let me know what you think!

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Best Buys for July & August! (Again!)

Hummingbird Garden Doily Hummingbird Garden Doily
Item #0774

Crochet a mystical garden where a large three-dimensional rose sets center stage for hummingbirds and flowering vines! Pineapples, shells, and color burst forth in this spring/Easter doily that'll bring a breath of fresh air to your home. Worked in size 10 thread, measures 17-in W x 8 3/4-in H.

More Info... Intermediate

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Butterfly Garden Doily Butterfly Garden Doily
Item #0673

Our versatile crochet doily with a petite flower center encircled by dainty pineapples and then edged with beautiful butterflies and more flowers is sure to delight all. Worked in #10 thread, it measures 16 1/2-inches dia. Create coasters, a small doily, jar topper or doily as shown!

More Info... Experienced

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Customer Photo Gallery!

I just love to showcase customer photos! If you have pictures of items made from our patterns, please share! We're all anxious to see them.

Shaded Lace Doily
Shaded Lace Doily by Jewel

Pinwheel Sparkler Doily
Pinwheel Sparkler Doily by Lindy

Miss Savannah Crinoline Girl Doily
Miss Savannah Crinoline Girl Doily by Lynne

For more wonderful pictures sent in by happy customers - see "crochet Chat" on our blog!

Jewel writes: "I started the shaded lace doily in shades of blue, but didn't have enough of one of the colors. I didn't have 4 shades of any other color so made it in my favorite colors and to match the other doilies I use in my home."

Lindy writes: "I made your Pinwheel Sparkler Doily in three shades of blue. Starting with Aunt Lydia's 'Delft'. At row 13, I changed to 'Blue Hawaii'. At row 22, I changed to 'Dark Royal'. Each change in color is at the row where the pinwheel starts to graduate down in size, and a new point begins. It turned out much better than I thought it would. Perfect for the spare bedroom of Red/White/Blue. Thanks for the inspiration, your patterns are fantastic!"

Lynne writes: "Wanted to share a couple Patriotic Crinolines I crocheted from your wonderful patterns. One is from the new Miss Savannah and the other is "mainly" Sweet Pea with a touch of Tickled Pink. Sweet Pea has to be one of my favorites so I make it a lot - of course I cheat by adding craft buttons. Hope you like my "re-creations"

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Free Patterns!

Free Patterns for June:

Free Patterns

  • Autumn Plant Pot Cuff
  • Christmas Wreath CD HotPad
  • Christmas Wreath Coaster
  • Quick & Easy Yarn Tree Skirt
  • Christmas Snowflake Photo Ornament

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    Recipes I love (LOVE) cooking with herbs and having freshly planted dill, parsley and chives in the herb garden, I was inspired to create this recipe.

    Recipes for April

  • Grilled Salmon with Lemon-Herb Sauce

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    Crochet Chit Chat

    Practice Makes Perfect There's many reasons for working in the back post only. See why and check out the video tutorials by some great designers!

  • Back Loop Only / BLO

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    My Hobbies!


    Our herb garden & square foot veggie garden. After pullling our house off the market, we headed to the nursery...

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    Okay, I have a question for you; what strange habits do you have while crocheting? For me, I always, and I mean always tilt my head to the right; I can't seem to keep my head level - as soon as I'm into my stitching, my head just automatically tilts that way. I don't think I can really crochet without it tilting. How about you? If you're not sure, ask a family member or friend. They're sure to point out what you do that you might not have noticed! I've love to hear answers - send feedback to our business page on Facebook by clicking on the link in the social media bar at the top or bottom of this page! I'd love to hear from you.

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