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Coaster Patterns

Lacy, plain, fancy, sturdy, yarn, or thread, coasters are popular and for good reason; they're quick to work up, will protect your furniture, and add to your decor. It doesn't get any better!

Peppermint Candy Coaster
Peppermint Candy Coaster Peppermint Candy Coaster
Item #0138

Our "spin" on peppermint candy is our Christmas crochet coaster pattern - it's almost looks good enough to eat! Set out a set for the holidays and watch the smiles of appreciation. The instructions also include making a fridgie too! Made with worsted weight yarn and measures approx. 4 1/2" in dia. /Fridgie; 1 3/4" in dia.

More Info... Intermediate

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Pineapple Coaster
Pineapple Coaster Pineapple Coaster
Item #0166

Who doesn't love pineapples? Our pretty and functional pineapple coasters will not only protect the furniture but add a touch of style to your decor. Work up a set for yourself or add to a gift basket with glasses and your favorite iced drink mix for an unique gift! Measures 4-inches sq using #10 thread.

More Info... Intermediate

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Autumn Harvest CD Coaster
Autumn Harvest CD Coaster Autumn Harvest CD Coaster
Item #0448

These double duty crochet coasters are perfect for any time of year. Used CDs add to their durability when worked up in Sugar' N Cream 4-ply cotton yarn. Measures 6" in dia. Instructions include making dainty coasters.

More Info... Easy

Iced Gingerbread Men Coasters
Iced Gingerbread Men Coasters Iced Gingerbread Men Coasters
Item #0620

Our cute crochet gingerbread men coasters will delight young and old alike. Trimmed with pompom "buttons", yarn bow ties and "iced" with a sl st; they're worked in yarn and measure 8 ½" T x 6" W.

More Info... Intermediate

Independence Day Coasters
Independence Day Coasters Independence Day Coasters
Item #0367

Crochet a set of our 4th of July pinwheel coasters for your Independence Day festivities. They look great in the house and will protect your furniture from water marks. The good 'ol red, white and blue! Worked in worsted weight yarn they measure 5-inches in dia.

More Info... Experienced

Spring Pineapple Butterfly Coaster
Spring Pineapple Butterfly Coaster Spring Pineapple Butterfly Coaster
Item #0746

Create a set of beautiful crochet pineapple butterfly coasters for your home, as a gift, or for work. Spring is in the air with these delicate and lovely butterflies - perfect for Mother's Day or a tea party. Worked in #10 cotton thread, they measure 6 1/2" W x 5" T.

More Info... Intermediate

Southwest Coaster & Basket Set
Southwest Coaster and Basket Set Southwest Coaster & Basket Set
Item #0755

Our crochet coaster and basket set boasts a chic southwest themed style using basic embroidery stitching for accent. Perfect for the kitchen, dining or living room. Worked in Peaches & Crème 4-ply WW cotton yarn or Sugar and Cream. Measures 2" T x 5 1/4" dia for the basket.

More Info... Intermediate

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Textured Heart Towel Topper
Textured Heart Towel Topper Textured Heart Towel Topper
Item #0772

Work up a lovely crochet textured heart-shaped towel topper for Valentines, Sweetheart's Day, or just because! Stitched with a crafting ring to the inside center for holding towels, makes laundering easy! Don't need a towel topper - work up coasters instead. Or better yet, pair with the towel topper and coasters for a lovely gift set for someone special.

More Info... Intermediate

Coasters Are A Must

We are having a family reunion, on Independence Day
They are all coming to my house, much to my dismay

I dearly love them all, but thoughtless they can be
On my antique furniture, they leave their cup of tea

All their beverages leave an unsightly watermark
I am making Coasters, so at them I will not bark

Not just one, but many, such as the Pinwheel Lace
The Lacy Diamond, The Pineapple, I must keep up the pace

Aroma Therapy Spiral Lace, and the Olde Time Apple too
Sunny Sunflower, Pastel Blossoms, I love them all, don’t you

My mom will set her coffee cup on the Spring Pineapple Butterfly
It is worth the extra effort to keep my furniture nice and dry.

Personally, I pick for myself the Patriotic Kitchen Set
It will be my way of keeping my table tops from getting wet

So think ahead and crochet up some protection for yourself
Or you may find some watermarks upon your bookcase shelf

Lindy Hicks
April 10, 2013

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