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Pineapple Doily Patterns

Classy, classic pineapples seem to be everyone's favorite. Worked in crochet doilies, pineapples enhance and beautify creating works of art. Pineapples are also fun to work!

Pineapple Burst Doily
Pineapple Burst Doily Pineapple Burst Doily
Item #0091

A petite pinwheel is set a twirl with a textured cluster stitch border that's then edged with beautiful and luscious pineapples! Pineapples and pinwheels come together beautifully and make for an impressive doily. Worked in #10 thread, it measures 14-inches dia.

More Info... Experienced

Pineapple Elegance Doily

Mom's Pineapple Doily
Moms Pineapple Doily Mom's Pineapple Doily
Item #0309

Pineapples, lacets and shells once again create a lovely design for mom. She'll love our crochet doily boasting a double set of pineapples where the outer set of pineapple are worked off seperately creating scalloped effect. Worked in #10 thread it measures 11 1/2-inches dia.

More Info... Intermediate

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Mother's Rose Doily
Mothers Day Rose Doily Mother's Rose Doily
Item #0577

Our pretty rose crochet doily is perfect for Mother's Day or any special occasion! Eight lovely pineapples surround a petite burgundy rose and then edged with a rosebud border. Worked in #10 thread, doily measures 11 3/4" dia

More Info... Intermediate

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Holiday Magic Pineapple Doily
Holiday Magic Pineapple Doily Holiday Magic Pineapple Doily
Item #0592

Our lovely crocheted pineapple doily may look familiar - and it should! It's also sold plain as "Mom's Pineapple Doily." Designing holiday accessories creates an all-holiday doily perfect for celebrating every holiday throughout the year. Just change the accessory! Our doily includes hearts, Easter eggs, candy corn, and holly leaves to name a few! Worked in #10 thread it measures 15" in dia.

More Info... Intermediate

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Pineapple Doily No 7714
Pineapple Doily No 7714 Pineapple Doily No 7714
Item #0609

Our luxuriant pineapple doily is a vintage from the book "Old and New Favorites: Doilies" (Book No 217). Boasting eight pineapples, its unique design lends itself to more than just round table tops! Model is worked in #10 thread & measures 15 ½" L x 11" W.

More Info... Experienced

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Mom's Rose Lattice Doily
Moms Rose Lattice Doily Mom's Rose Lattice Doily
Item #0629

More than a crochet doily, this piece was created in memory of my mom who passed on January 30, 2010. Incorporating mom's favorite stitches, this doily boasts pineapples and roses like you've never seen before. Worked in #10 thread, it measures 16" in dia.

More Info... Experienced

Rosy Stars Doily Trio
Rosy Stars Doily Trio Rosy Stars Doily Trio
Item #0691

These pretty crochet doily trio set boasts lovely pineapples with a beautiful rose center. Work up a set for a vanity or as a gift set for someone you love. Designed by Betty Stevens. Worked in #10 thread.

More Info... Intermediate

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